This is a six unit revision plan for students targeting grade 4. It may be particularly beneficial where students have been off target or shown poor focus earlier in KS4 but who now have a greater sense of urgency.

This is an intensive programme with three focus topics each unit and includes a list of key objectives for each topic. Each week has an allocation of sets of short answer questions together with 'surprise questions' and text based problems to ensure students develop their exam technique.

Students will need copies of the survivor's guide booklets making progress grades 3 to 4 algebra/geometry and number/statistics and the plan, which can be downloaded below, shows how to use them. Students may also have a copy of the plan to check their progress.

Also required is the survivor's guide 20 more marks foundation skills for regular practise of short questions and  to develop exam technique allowing students to learn to switch from topic to topic throughout the exam paper.