Book 3 has a number of graph related questions which it is not possible to include in the centre pull out answer pages. You can download these solutions below.

The survivor's guide - 20 more marks

Books in this very popular series...

'Foundation skills' targets pupils who require support to make expected progress to grade 3 and those for whom high quality targeted intervention may result in success at grade 4 - the 'standard pass'.

For pupils who are more on track, there are two further booklets, each also including 15 sets of questions. Book 1 introduces introductory more accessible problems for pupils targeting grades 4 or 5, whilst book 2 offers a higher level of challenge in order to support students targeting grades 5 or 6.

Book 3 supports pupils targeting grades 6 to 7(+). There are 15 units in the book, each with two parts. One part is a mixture of topics whilst the second part has a specific focus. Algebra and number/ratio and proportion are more heavily represented than geometry and statistics. The units have increasing challenge through the booklet with the mixed section being more accessible on each occasion.

All booklets have removable centre answer pages. The series is suitable as a regular and  integral part of maths lessons over a period of time as a starter to build problem solving capacity, during tutor time, for homework or for independent work as appropriate.