Sample materials to try out with your students


Below is the introductory page from the booklet The survivors guide book 5+

The sample unit from our materials for this week is from the set of 3 booklets supporting students targeting grade 5 and having more, or in some cases less, of the knowledge and understanding they need to get there. The unit here is from the booklet 5+ which supports strong grade 5 candidates who may well attain grade 6. Of the other two booklets, 5- supports strong grade 4 students who may get grade 5 and 5= supports those who are aiming for a solid grade 5. The booklets work well as a pair to strengthen confidence - so either 5- followed by 5=, or 5= followed by 5+. To the right is a six page sample unit for you to download and try with your students. The unit is designed to take a good part of lesson time or may be used in  additional revision sessions. As usual, the booklet itself has pull out centre answer pages for self marking if appropriate for the group.