Here is a 10 unit (and 10 week) plan to recap areas of mathematics that are tested regularly on Foundation GCSE papers, the content included here covers over 90% of all the Foundation maths syllabus.

Our programme starts at an achievable level for those pupils who are struggling with many questions at around grade 3 but goes on to stretch those who are near the grade 4 level.

Based on the booklets (targeting Foundation level) in our Survivors Guide Series - there are support review sheets (see example right) provided for each unit and developed from the last three years of examination papers. You can email for copies of these here 

The ten week programme can run right up to the start of the GCSE examinations but is best completed mostly during the Spring term allowing for the few weeks when students have other GCSE commitments in the run up to half term.

Nearly 70% of all the marks on the Foundation papers are earmarked for the areas of Number, Fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio and proportion and this is supported by more work in these areas and the fact that the last three weeks (ideal for after Easter) focus on these areas.