Effective resources for remote learning in Y11

  • In the coming year, it seems likely that students may be affected by possible periods of self-isolation with their families or subject to temporary school closures.
  • Students have, in addition, missed considerable learning time in 2019-2020 and as a result will need to prioritise consolidating their prior learning in order to regain confidence in their mathematics skills.
  • To support students access to meaningful work that will build confidence and help them to reconnect with prior knowledge, whilst at the same time preparing them for GCSE exams in summer 2021, we suggest packs that are easily used remotely, should the perceived need arise.
  • Three different packs support students targeting grade 4, grade 5 or grade 6+. Each pack comprises three booklets, all of which include pull out answer pages.
  • The packs are manageable for students to use independently but also fit with a blended approach which may include teacher input via internet based learning where students have reliable access to this.
  • Each pack of three booklets is accompanied by a six unit plan, with each unit representing work for a week. These plans can be downloaded from the appropriate pages, following the links above.
  • For each unit, the student is given a set of objectives that the unit will address. There is then a range of activities for them to follow from the booklets. Specific pages for the work are identified as is an indication of what is consolidation and what is pushing them towards the next grade. Pupils are therefore encouraged to identify gaps in their learning to discuss with their teacher.
  • The units may be completed in the order suggested or can easily be rearranged as the teacher feels appropriate for their group.