GCSE retake packs 2016 - 2017

C if U Can ...get ahead (available in either higher or foundation tier book). Student write-in booklets supporting a 6 week programme designed for either Higher or Foundation tier GCSE entry. Each booklet contains two full lessons planned at the appropriate level for each week, together with weekly sets of short questions that are selected for repeated consolidation of key topics.

C if U Can...thrive on five a day stands alone either for use in class lessons, or for self study.It also works well in conjunction with the 'C if U Can get ahead' books at either tier for additional student support in the immediate run up to the exam.

C if U Can...check your progress integrates into a full revision plan. This resource will engage students with their progress and to help them to understand how to improve.The booklet contains assessments for fifteen units, each of which will take approximately half an hour.The assessments can be self marking, with student friendly mark schemes available on CD for each assessment.

C if U Can... get your head above cee level is a series of  booklets providing essential practise in the key topics. All booklets have a removable centre page with answers.

Foundation packs include 'Check your progress', 'Get ahead' Foundation, 'Thrive on five' and 'Cee levels' books -1 and 0

Higher packs  include 'Check your progress', 'Get ahead' Higher, 'Thrive on five' and 'Cee levels' books 0 and +1

Free planning documentation is available to support entry in either November or May.