And more puzzles...


Nice one!

In numbering each of the pages of the new book (from page number 1) we used exactly 111 digits.

How many pages were there?

How many 1s were used?

We are going to use 222 digits to number the pages of our next book but there will not be twice as many pages. Explain why and work out how many pages there will actually be.

A GROSS square

A gross is 12 dozen or 144.

In this problem G represents a gross.

You can use a calculator but try not to use the division key!

Try to cancel down the problem and then only multiplication is left.


Think of any three figures eg 385, repeat them 385385.

Now divide this large number by 7 (385385 divided by 7)

Divide your answer by 11 and divide this answer by 13.

Look at the result. Can you explain why?