And more puzzles...

A million in 10 seconds

Answer each question in 10 seconds (maximum) then check your answer using a calculator (or with more thought...)

  1. Are you a million seconds old?
  2. Would you have a million cubic millimetres of sand delivered in a bucket, a wheelbarrow, a tipper truck or a fleet of trucks?
  3. Would you rather have one million grams of pennies or one million grams of two pence pieces?

Hole in one

If two men can dig two holes in two days, how long will it take one man to dig one hole?


20 second challenge

Arrange the four digits 1, 2, 3 and 4 to make the largest four digit number with NO consecutive digits.

Exchange again

Each counter moves by jumping over the next counter or moving into an empty square.

What are the least number of moves required to get the three red counters to the right and the three yellow counters to the left? Are you sure?

Here the first move will be moving a counter into the empty square, the second move will be jumping the counter.

Investigate for a different number of counters. Can you predict how many moves would be needed if you had 6 red and 6 yellow counters?