Maths puzzles to keep your brain going!

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Word search ... with numbers and fractions (in words!)

Find the answers to the questions on the right in the grid below.


Mathematical (and not so mathematical) conundrums

You can find the answers on the second page of the puzzle sheet when you download it!

  1. What shape is a kiss?
  2. Which has most legs, a boy or no boy?
  3. Which is swifter, heat or cold?
  4. What is the proper length of an evening gown?
  5. What has three feet but cannot run?
  6. Why is a lame dog like adding 6 and 7
  7. What is the difference between 16 ounces of tea and me using my laptop in a hurry to finish this in time?


If A = 1p, B = 2p, C = 3p ... Z = 26p

How much are you worth?

Can you find anyone worth £1.00?

What words have a value of £1.00?

What problems we set!


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Have fun!!!