Real-term cuts to pupil premium and declining funding for youth services

The Independent has revealed that, if current funding trends continue, the amount of pupil premium given to schools will decline by 8.4% in real terms between 2015 and 2020. Schools in areas such as London will experience even larger falls, with some exceeding 20%.

The Department for Education pointed out that “pupil premium has not been cut”, suggesting that fluctuating funding levels could be ascribed to changes in the numbers of children eligible. They also highlighted the recently announced funding boost of £14 billion over three years.

In other funding news, analysis by the youth charity YMCA has revealed that average spending on youth services has declined by 69%, resulting in a plummet from £7.79 million average spend on youth services in 2010 to a mere £2.45 million next year.

The School Governance in 2019 report found that 70% of schools said that they were providing additional services to families, a number of schools were providing families and pupils with meals outside of term time, as well as advice and support regarding financial matters.