Raise the Rate campaign: survey findings

The Raise the Rate campaign, supported by organisations that represent school and college governors, leaders and students is calling for the funding rate for 16-18 year olds to be raised to at least £4,760 per student, per year in the 2019 spending review, and for the rate to keep pace with inflation. The campaign is also insisting that this new funding is in addition to, rather than instead of, funding that may be required to meet additional costs that emerge during the next review period.

On behalf of the campaign, a survey of 271 schools and colleges was conducted in January by the Sixth Form Colleges Association. The results provide more evidence that underinvestment is continuing to have a negative impact not only on the curriculum but also on valuable student support services such as employability skills and careers advice. This has been compounded by reductions in extra-curricular activities, resulting in concerns over the social as well as economic implications of funding cuts and cost increases.