Ofsted updates inspection handbook following review of sexual abuse in schools and colleges

How schools handle allegations and instances of sexual harassment, online sexual abuse and sexual violence will be considered during inspections as of September.
The DfE updated the School Inspection Handbook 2021 this week (paragraphs 306 to 310). Some of the areas Ofsted will focus on include checking that the school has appropriate policies in place; that the school’s staff have appropriate knowledge of part 5 of DfE’s ‘Keeping children safe in education’ statutory guidance; that reporting mechanisms for children and young people are robust; and comprehensive records of all allegations are kept.

Where schools do not have adequate processes in place, it is likely that safeguarding will be considered ineffective which will impact on the leadership and management judgement. This may also (depending on the circumstances) be considered in personal development and behaviour and attitude judgements (particularly in respect of pastoral support and pupils feeling safe respectively)