Ofsted survey reveals that parents want 'outstanding' schools inspected

Ofsted has recently published the results of its annual parents’ survey in which 1,111 parents responded. The results highlight parents’ views in relation to a variety of factors, including parents’ interaction with and perceptions of Ofsted.

Of particular note, 72% of participants believed that schools judged as outstanding should be inspected as regularly as those schools judged as good. Additionally, it was revealed that a significant portion of parents were unaware that schools judged as outstanding were exempt from future inspections.

Historically, Ofsted has advocated for the inspection exemption to be lifted, however, the Department for Education (DfE) had instead requested that at least 10% of outstanding schools be inspected as opposed to dropping the exemption entirely.

Concerns over outstanding schools being exempt from future inspections are rooted in the notion that schools that are not inspected regularly are likely to deteriorate, especially in relation to standards; thus significantly and negatively affecting the educational environment of pupils.