New inspection framework published

Last week, the new iteration of Ofsted’s Education Inspection Framework which will take effect from September 2019 was published. It was the largest consultation undertaken by Ofsted with over 15,000 submissions.

The changes confirm Ofsted’s increased focus on the quality of the curriculum, with a single ‘quality of education’ judgement set to replace the existing ‘quality of teaching, learning and assessment’ and ‘outcomes for pupils’ categories. The current judgement for ‘personal development, behaviour and welfare’ will be split in to two separate categories – ‘behaviour and attitudes’ and ‘personal development’. 

Ofsted have confirmed that there will be a ‘grace period’ until September 2020 as schools grapple with the shift in focus from outcomes to a “broad and rich learning experience”. During this time, schools which have a plan in place to review their curriculum and can demonstrate genuine action to do so will not be downgraded.