Low cost tutoring boosts maths attainment

This week, the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) has released the results of research which found that “low-cost tutoring can boost struggling pupils’ maths results” by three or more months.

The study focused on 105 primary schools with a high proportion of disadvantaged pupils. Year six pupils who needed additional support with maths were given one hour of dedicated small-group tuition for 20 weeks, delivered by university students and recent graduates who were given structured training by the Tutor Trust “to help them plan tuition sessions, manage behaviour and assess pupils’ grades”. The researchers found that students who received the tuition made three or more month’s progress in maths compared to those that did not.

The above study focuses on just one of the interventions found in the EEF toolkit, a free resource for schools on the effectiveness of initiatives to raise the attainment of pupils.