Exams 2022 and further calls for long term reform

Speaking on arrangements for 2022 exams, Ofqual chief regulator Jo Saxon has announced that GCSE and A-level grading standards this year will be set between the pre-pandemic standards of 2019 and 2021, when teacher-assessed grades were awarded. However, she said “there will be no standardisation model to determine students' grades”. She added it is likely that "results overall are higher than in normal years".

Meanwhile the final report from the Independent Assessment Commission review of the exam system suggests that pupils should be able to take a reformed set of GCSEs when it best suits them at any point between the ages of 14 and 19 rather than being required to sit the exams at 16. The report argues that GCSEs need to be "comprehensively overhauled", calling for "an end to cliff-edge exams as the sole mode of assessment”. The commission added that pupils should be able to take a blend of "academic" and "vocational" elements.