Education committee criticise delivery of National Tutoring Programme in review of catch-up programme

A new report published by the Education Committee this week has criticised the government’s catch-up programme, with MPs reporting that it’s failing to reach the most disadvantaged pupils.

It highlights continual regional disparity in the uptake of the National Tutoring Programme (NTP), disparity between academic and mental health recovery and states that there have been significant failures by Randstad to deliver the NTP.

With Randstad reaching just 10% of their target, the committee’s recommendations include reducing the bureaucracy of the NTP and streamlining funding into one pot for schools to access and spend.

The committee have also called for the DfE to terminate its contract with Randstad by Spring if it fails to meet its targets for the number of pupils receiving tuition, including those who are disadvantaged.

Other recovery recommendations included a push for each school to have a designated mental health lead, mental health and wellbeing assessments for pupils, and enrichment activities and longer school day.