Annual Teacher Wellbeing Index published

Education Support has published their fourth Annual Teacher Wellbeing Index. By comparing with previous years, the Index offers an important perspective on how teachers have coped during the COVID-19 crisis.

The Index paints a concerning picture, with a sharp increase in symptoms of poor mental health, such as insomnia, tearfulness and difficulty concentrating. Teachers and senior leaders also reported very high stress levels. 62% of teachers and 77% of senior leaders reported being stressed or very stressed in July, and by October this had risen to 84% of teachers and 89% of senior leaders.

Also this week, school attendance continues to decline. Data published by the Department for Education (DfE) covering the period 12 to 19 of November shows that there has been a further fall in attendance for COVID-19 reasons. Overall attendance in state schools has fallen from 86% the previous week to 83% on Thursday 19 November. Attendance in the secondary phase is 78%, compared to 83% the previous week. In the primary phase attendance is 87%, compared to 90% the previous week.However, 99% of state schools remained open as of November 19.